Journal Club on the Run - Edition #25 (05.06.23)

Welcome to another edition. This, we think, is an important journal club. Three trials, all published in the New England Journal of Medicine. They evaluate interventions to face off common threats: postpartum bleeding and sepsis. Postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) is the leading cause of maternal death globally. Papers one & two investigate ways to reduce PPH-related morbidity and mortality. The first investigates whether early detection and a package of interventions can reduce the morbidity caused by PPH at vaginal birth (with 210,132 women included, we ask you to ponder the sheer size of this trial – a staggering achievement). The second looks at whether giving tranexamic acid routinely at caesar reduces rates of PPH. We now give antibiotics at caesar, and after a forceps birth. What’s left? Yep, you guessed it, a randomised trial to examine whether routine antibiotics reduces rates of maternal or neonatal sepsis after vaginal birth (paper 3). Just for fun, try to guess the results before scrolling down.